Nedsenkbar håndmikser Braun MQ745 Aperitive 0,6 L 750W

Nedsenkbar håndmikser Braun MQ745 Aperitive 0,6 L 750W

Normalpris 1.390,00 NOK Salgspris 1.149,00 NOK

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Hvis du ser etter husholdningsapparater til engrospris, ikke gå glipp av Nedsenkbar håndmikser Braun MQ745 Aperitive 0,6 L 750W og et bredt utvalg av små husholdningsapparater!


Multiquick 7 hand blender MQ745 Aperitive

The MQ7 series of hand blenders feature Smart Speed control, a revolutionary technology - the more you squeeze the more power you get. Increase the hand blender speed by gently pressing the speed regulator button. You can easily prepare all your recipes with one hand, changing the speed in real time, without interruptions. That means no more awkward speed dials. One squeeze, all speeds!

A unique blend of convenience and performance

To enable maximum comfort during use, the MQ745 Aperitive hand blender features an extra large speed button and soft grip handle, making it very comfortable to hold and control. With the Braun patented Power Bell – a combination of ultra hard stainless steel blades and a unique blending bell shape – you are guaranteed to get the best Braun blending performance every time.

Prepare meals with a range of accessories

The Braun Multiquick 7 MQ745 Aperitive is a versatile hand blender that can cater for both big and small food quantities. Included in pack are a 600ml beaker to help you blend a variety of soups and sauces, a large capacity 1250ml jug blender with ice crushing blades, a 350ml compact chopper for smaller quantities and an anti splash stainless steel whisk to help you easily beat egg whites or whip cream for soufflés and desserts.

The 1250ml jug blender accessory is a real 3 in 1: it acts as a chopper, ice crusher and jug blender. When you're finished, simply detach the stainless steel shaft for easy cleaning. Owing to their German technology, Braun Multiquick hand blenders are built to perform for years to come.

Braun MQ745 Aperitive. Skålmateriale: Plastikk, Materiale, kniv: Rustfritt stål, Materiale, skaft: Rustfritt stål


  • Modell/Type: Stav Mikser
  • Skålkapasitet: 0,5 l
  • Strøm: 750 W
  • Fjernbar skål: Ja
  • Produktfarge: Svart, Rustfritt stål
  • Isknusing: Ja
  • Oppvaskvannsikre deler: Ja
  • Lett å rengjøre: Ja
  • Kjøkkenøks/hakker/chopper: Ja
  • Turbo: Ja
  • Målekopp: Ja
  • Rotasjonshastighet: 13300 RPM
  • Bisphenol A (BPA) fri: Ja
  • Mykt håndtak: Ja
  • Skålmateriale: Plastikk
  • Materiale, kniv: Rustfritt stål
  • Materiale, skaft: Rustfritt stål
  • Visp: Ja

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